Tennis backpacks have become extremely popular in recent years due to the fact that – in general terms they’re far more convenient than regular tennis bags, especially for those players who only carry one or two rackets at a time. These backpacks fit easily into a small locker and also have compartments for key fobs, cell phone and any jewelry you might be carrying. The main difference however, is simply the fact that they’re smaller and easier to carry than regular tennis bags.

How to Pick a Tennis Backpack

If you’re on the market for the best tennis backpack and are looking for something that is not only convenient but also stylish, this list will be extremely helpful as we have found the top rated tennis backpacks for you and compiled them into an easy to digest list so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next tennis backpack or tennis bag. Keep in mind that for this list, we have selected bags that are easily available at major retailers and have skipped any specialty or custom-made backpacks for simplicity’s sake.

#5 Adidas Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

This Adidas backpack is perhaps one of the most popular tennis backpacks in the world and many players – from beginners to pros like it because it is very comfortable, it fits two rackets and is very cool looking. The padded shoulder straps make it very easy to carry and even a child won’t struggle with the fit. One of the main complaints with this bag, however, is the fact that the material appears to be somewhat flimsy at first, so if you’re the type of person who likes to throw things on the ground or drag your belongings occasionally, this is probably not the bag for you. On the other hand, it is important to mention the fact that this bag is spacious and the webbed compartments are perfect for storing your cell phone and other small items that might get lost like jewelry, your watch or even some dampeners. In terms of price, the Tour Tennis Backpack hovers around the $50 mark which is not exactly cheap but not too expensive either.

 #4 Wilson Fed Team Tennis Bag

The official tennis backpack of Roger Federer is quite simply, one of the most beautiful tennis backpacks we have ever seen, and despite some of its shortcomings, we can guarantee that you will turn some heads when you walk on the court sporting this backpack and your two best tennis rackets. This backpack in particular is extremely comfortable to wear – to the point where we’ve considered making this our regular, every day backpack. It is also very roomy with plenty of zippers and a very large webbed compartment. The backpack itself features two water bottle compartments on the side which might appear unnecessary at first, but once you realize the many possibilities that open up to you, you will never carry just one bottle again. The backpack features Roger’s signature at the bottom engraved into a vinyl patch that looks very cool but can also be difficult to see if not paying attention.

#3 Nike Court Tennis Backpack

We all know Nike is an established competitor when it comes to manufacturing the best tennis bags but man, talk about a great combination between looks, durability and coziness. This Nike classic backpack has gone through many iterations but still remains as one of the top backpacks in the game today. This is one of those backpacks that could be very easily used as a regular backpack or for other sports. While the classic black backpack is gorgeous to look at, the Bordeaux backpack is absolutely stunning and could be used by either men or women but we have a feeling that women will absolutely love it.

#2 Wilson Team Tennis Bag Series

The first thing you’ll notice upon laying your eyes on this beauty is just how clean and pristine the design looks, this is an absolutely magnificent backpack that has plenty of pockets, zippers and compartments so you can carry everything you need before kicking tail on the court. This sturdy Wilson Team Tennis Backpack can hold up to two rackets and the bottom compartment has another section that can be used to store shoes and other items. Overall, this backpack offers the perfect combination of looks, space and functionality and it is definitely one of the best tennis backpacks in the market today.

#1 Babolat Pure Line Wimbledon Backpack

This absolute beast of a backpack is perhaps the last tennis backpack you will ever buy. With enough room to hold up to two rackets and comfortable, adjusted straps this beautiful bag comes in all-white fabric and enough compartments to store anything you need to travel to Wimbledon if you wish.  While this backpack is not exactly cheap ($89.99 as of December 2019) we can guarantee that it is worth every penny you pay for it. Its sleek design is an absolute neck breaker and the vented pockets are ideal for when you need to put away your sweaty headbands or shoes. If you can afford it, then this is definitely the backpack to get.

The Best Tennis Bags

Having the right backpack is essential to having a great experience as a tennis player regardless of your level. While it is true that the pros usually prefer regular tennis bags that can carry multiple rackets within, those of us who are on the move constantly and need to balance regular life with our tennis life, will find that a tennis backpack offers the perfect balance between a regular backpack and a tennis bag.

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Tennis backpacks have become extremely popular in recent years due to the fact that – in general terms they’re far more convenient than regular tennis bags, especially for those players who only carry one [...]