One of the things I’ve always loved about the beautiful sport of tennis is getting to try different rackets and see how they adapt to my game and just to get a feel for them in general. While it might be tempting to drive to your local sports store and pick something stylish that might look good on the court or – even worse, going down to your local mega-store and picking out a $20 dollar racket just to save a few bucks, doesn’t necessarily mean that the racket will be a good fit for your game. However, the 6 rackets discussed here are some of the best tennis rackets that can be found on the market today.

Another thing to consider is the fact that many tennis racket brands are specifically tailored towards advanced players, so for simplicity’s sake, we are picking out the top all-around rackets for this article as they are an excellent fit for beginners, intermediates and pros alike.

So, What Are the Best Tennis Rackets For 2020?

#6 Head Graphene 360 Speed Mp 3

Novak Djokovic’s racket of choice, and one of two Head racquets on this list, the Graphene 360 Speed MP 3 offers a fantastic all-around balance for beginners, intermediates and pros alike. This year’s version has been upgraded with a bit more power and top-spin; yet enough control to keep the ball in between the court lines. Weighing in at 11.2oz (318 grams) this racquet represents a fantastic option for players who want a lightweight racquet that won’t have any issues hitting powerful groundstrokes or hitting dominant volleys.

#5 Babolat Pure Aero 2019

One of the most popular rackets in the world, and Rafa Nadal’s racket of choice got a fresh new look this year. In addition to the new fresh look, the 2019 version offers a bit more stability and control. Despite its reputation as a great all-around racket, the Pure Aero is a lethal weapon in the hands of a defensive player. Although this year’s version is lighter than a traditional player’s racquet, players won’t struggle generating top spin or finding enough precision to swing for power.

#4 Yonex EZONE DR 98 Blue

Although this beauty by Yonex was initially released in 2015, it continues to be one of the best all-around rackets in the market today. Yonex is in our opinion one of the most solid tennis racket brands out there and this one is not the exception. Offering surgical precision, and a scalpel-like feel, the Ezone 98 DR is built with Dynamic Repulsion technology that gives players increased flex and precision. Weighing in at 11.4 oz. (323 grams) the Ezone 98 DR offers an excellent balance between control, power and top-spin, making it one of the better rackets for all-around players in the market today.

#3 HEAD Ti.S6

One of the most popular rackets in the market today, the HEAD Ti.S6 offers a fantastic combination of durability, power and control and can truly be a game changer for those looking to step-up their game. Out of all the racquets in this list, this is by far the lightest, weighing it at just above 8 ounces (226 grams) and boasting a length of 28 inches this racket might appear deceptively weak at first, but we can assure that it is anything but. Another thing we’d like to mention is that this racquet is just gorgeous to look at and should make a fine addition to anyone’s arsenal.

#2 Wilson Burn 100 Series

The Wilson Burn 100S Series is an upgrade over the regular 100 series that provides increased top spin and an insane amount of power. While one might be inclined to initially dismiss this racquet due to its relative inexpensive price when compared to the rest of the rackets on this list, it is important to mention the fact that this is a great value for any player looking to step up their game. In terms of cosmetic appearance, all we can say is that the Burn 100S looks really cool while offering plenty of power and loads of top spin.

#1 Wilson Pro Staff RF97

The time to reveal our pick for our top racket for 2020 has finally come, and while it might seem like a safe choice at first, we believe that the RF97 is the best all-around racket in the market today. On its third iteration since first being released, and sporting a stylish tuxedo cosmetic, the Wilson RF 97 is a racket that offers a high degree of stability and Control. Weighing in at 12.6 ounces (357 grams), the RF97 is by far the heaviest racket on this list, and beginners might have a bit of trouble generating enough top-spin. However, if you can get past its weight, you’ll find a great all-around racket that offers an insane amount of plow-through power and a fantastic level control. Coming in at a hefty MSRP of $269, this racket requires a considerable investment and might not be the best choice for beginners.

Tennis Racket Brands Missing from this List

We obviously couldn’t pick one racket from every single manufacturer out there, but if you’re trying to find a more specialized racket, make sure to check out our rackets section where you’ll find the perfect racket for you.

Final Thoughts

Considering the fact that tennis racquet technology is constantly evolving, it might not be a bad idea after all to get the updated version of your favorite racquet each year. Besides, wear and tear can greatly diminish the effectiveness of a racquet after time. Whether you like to play singles and hit heavy groundstrokes, or have a defensive serve and volley game, these racquets are great choices for any players looking to step up their game and for those who are on the market for a brand new racquet. If you are looking for more racquet choices make sure to check out our rackets page and let us know in the comments what you think about this list.